About Us

Mission Statement

Providing exemplary programs, services and safety practices for the community to ensure that all animals flourish in a caring, respectful and responsible environment.


Supporting animals that have been abandoned, have been living with guardians in crisis, are lost, or require temporary or permanent shelter.

Meeting the social, medical, and daily living needs of community cats and companion animals, including:

  • Education and awareness services for responsible pet ownership (adults and children)
  • Coordination of community-based animal welfare initiatives (including trap- neuter-return programs for cats, and volunteer coordination)
  • Fostering and adoption facilities and programs for stray cats
  • Fostering and adoption facilities and programs for stray dogs

Promoting responsible pet guardianship for individuals, families and organizations through quality humane and safety education programs;

Protecting and supporting Londoners, visitors and companion animals by encouraging community compliance with established by-laws;

Developing and financing a veterinary-owned, high-volume, low cost spay/neuter and vaccine service for animals living within the eleven counties around London;

Partnering with veterinarians to provide non-profit services for sheltered animals and community cats in a Companion Animal Hospital;

Developing and marketing animal welfare initiatives.

Founding Members

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