What is Trap, Neuter, Return?

TNR is a world wide program that provides homeless kitties and pooches with quality of life under the watchful eye of trained caregivers. Cats are the focus of our program as the population challenges here are based mainly on kitties.

Trained rescuers using humane traps, set traps in specific areas. Once in the trap, kitty is immediately covered with a blanket. This quiets the cat so that it does not injure itself. The trap with the cat inside is transported either to a safe, overnight location or to the veterinarian who then spays or neuters kitty. Additional treatment such as vaccinations, flea medication and deworming may be provided.

Once the cat has recovered from surgery, s/he is returned back to the original area where a caregiver is available.

PAWS has traps available. If you would like to learn about using one of our traps please contact Sara @


 The Program will be spear-headed by experts who have decades of experience in this field, and follow the ‘best practices’ guidelines of Alley Cat Allies, an international leader based in the US, dedicated to saving cats’ lives.

If you have a feral cat in your neighbourhood, please contact for assistance.

If you are interested to become a TNR Community Volunteer, please contact


‘Cold-to-Cozy Program’

PAWS is collaborating with area high schools to produce Cat Shelters that are placed outdoors to provide shelter for feral cats.  If you are a vendor and wish to donate materials for this Program, please contact